10: Marcia Martin the Heart Healer

We talk about so much in this one hour that I was challenged to come up with a title. I went for simplicity. We also talked about spirit guides, channeling, being gifted and worth a lot of money at the same time, empaths and their characteristics, and more. **She opened my eyes to the fact that I am totally an empath!** Are you? Find out here. You will be awed by Marcia’s unwavering knowledge of who she is, who she serves, what she does, and how she works. Above all, you’ll be encouraged by the beauty of her energy, light, and love.

Marcia’s links:

Website: www.marciamartinthehearthealer.com

FB Group: Heal Our Hearts

Email: marcia@marciamartinthehearthealer.com

LC’s link: www.laurachristine.us

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