16: How Your Language Affects Your Life

Ell Graniel with Truespeak!

Ell Graniel has investedover30 years of research in the relationship between communication, learning styles, and quantum physics. This research is the foundation ofTruespeak™, her intra-personal communication training company.

Truespeak™ is the language the “observer” speaks in your mind and is the one directly connected to your higher power. When you learn how to meditate, you strengthen that connection. Guided meditation is the first step toward that accomplishment.Truespeak™ also teaches you how to connect with your higher power to resolve conflict, turmoil, and unresolved issues in your thoughts and actions.

Learn how your language can move you in a more powerful & successful direction. Ell’straining teaches you how the mind processes information and how the use ofTruespeak™ can realize your goals on many levels. Learn to identify your limiting internal and external language and how to replace it withTruespeak™. Good things come to those who ask.

Text “I’m In!” to Ell (808) 724-7814 for a FREE Transformational Meditation Session! ($149 value!)

Truespeak Website

Say What You Want–The Truth is in You.

~ Ell Graniel

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