17: Clarifying Matters of Spirit and Healing with Sallie Keys

Hi, my name is Sallie Wilton Keysand I’ve been studying and developing my own intuition for more than 25 years and after 7 years of working with hundreds of clients all over the world to heal them and provide them with clear, accurate, actionable guidance through the Akashic Records, I’ve learned a lot about the healing power the Akashic Records has and how it can help empower you to heal yourself through the knowledge contained within them. I’ve learned the truth of the Akashic Records that so many people who are learning about it and receiving readings from it do not know, and I’ve also spent much of my personal time over the last 7 years conducting research in the Akashic Records for myself to bring my clients the highest level of knowledge and healing possible.

I NEVER stop learning, and as a result YOU benefit. I’ve done the work so YOU don’t have to.

My role as a healer encompasses many different facets and aspects of myself, because in order to create the level of profound transformation I desire for my clients, I must also be a teacher, a communicator, a coach, a counselor, and an artist, so that my work touches my clients on every level possible.

I go to great lengths to help my clientssucceed in achieving their goals because I believeWITHOUT A DOUBTthat we can and should haveEVERYTHINGwe want. I exceed my clients’ expectations for our work together because I want youto believe it too.

I do everything I can to help you because I WANT you to flourish and live the healthy life you were designed to.

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Or www.manifestabundancenow.com

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