27: Re-Wire Your Brain for Success with Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith has gone into the abyss and come back out to find his joyful life! He was the photographer I chose for my wedding, and I cannot be happier that I chose him! Excellent photos and an amazing person!

From Brandon

Born and raised on Oahu, I have an intimate knowledge and love for this little island in the sea.

I am a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer. What is lifestyle photography? It’s a modern approach to shooting portraits. It’s where you’re shot as you actually are, but in a way that’s still subtlyguided and posed. You’re placed in nice light, and positioned correctly in the location, but then allowed to just be yourself and captured authentically. It’s crafted AND candid. My clients are drawn to my work because of my love of candids and my ability to make people feel safe and comfortable. There’s no big business here, there’s just me. My clients become my friends.

Having a portrait session with me is fun, creative and laid-back. I focus on natural expressions and poses created by the experience of us just hanging out and exploring whatever special spot we’ve chosen. I like to laugh and have a good time. I want to freeze your memories and create art that hopefully will live on your walls and follow you thru time.

My style can be very Bob Ross’ “happy little accidents”. I put myself where the light is best and I let you guys play and my goal is to capture organic fun and playfulness. That way when you look back, you remember a REAL moment in time.

What inspired me to become a photographer? A couple of road trips I took with my friends. We traveled along Oregon’s entire coast up to the San Juan islandsin the Puget Sound. It was so beautiful and all I had was a cell phone to take photos. Our next trip was thru the Southwest desert and I bought a camera for the trip. By the time we came home, I had fallen in love and decided to learn everything I could to try and make this new dream a reality. I have been extremely fortunate that people have loved my work and allowed this journey to grow and continue. I am deeply grateful for your support. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.

Brandon’s Links:

Website: www.brandonsmithphotography.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/brandonsmithphotography

Facebook: https://facebook.com/brandonsmithphotographer

LC’s website and Wild Radiance Sisterhood (vastly upgraded version of Club LC) https://laurachristine.us

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