28: Going Beyond the Lower Brain

Grettal Fryszberg has been involved in Holistic Health for the past twenty years and has her own practice at the Activating Health Centre in Richmond Hill, Ontario.She is a vibrationally-sensitive energy worker, a Medical Intuitive, a Craniosacral Therapist and a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner.

After 10 years of teaching high school she decided she needed to recharge her health and make a career change.In 1996 she had her own experience with energy that started to improve her health on so many levels.Feeling like a huge light-bulb got turned on, she began to study, write, research and practice the information she was receiving both intuitively and through her courses.

The following year, she studied Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) with Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of Network Spinal Analysis.

“I practiced and became a facilitator to hundreds of people who were undergoing Network Spinal Analysis adjustments.Most people were not aware that the body emitted bio-rhythms of energy.By connecting to your body through breath and touch you can help change your tension patterns with peaceful waves.That was the first time I heard the technique of entrainments and I’ve been using it ever since. “

She sees our minds as hungry seekers ready to explore its neurological frontier where states of consciousness can keep us from running ourselves to the ground and losing our health, our heart, and our humanness.She herself has tapped into hundreds of blueprints through Body Mapping that has given her insight on what is really needed to avoid the medication/and degenerative disease syndromes.She has learned that the brain can reach beyond its habitual level of function and be enhanced by newer states of experiences such as centeredness, gratitude, and oneness by learning to receive Universal Energy frequencies.

When the mind “surrenders” to something better: absolute love and peace,our Fight/Flight patterns of tension stop and tight muscles lose their grip. When she works with a client, she activates an energy wave and starts to move it up the body as a way of bringing awareness of inner stuff to the mind.It engages the mind to pay attention to the body and discover what is being ignored.Inner listening helps us to sort out conflicts.

Her Body Maps with bold colored lines going down into various points of the hologram are proof that energy can be resourced from above, below and around in order to wake up stagnant, suppressed areas and activate currents within us.

My clients love when I do a body map for them and then share the information: I’ve developed a way of interpreting colors and shapes to help explain their healing process. to get beyond your lower brain reactions to higher consciousness.

Website: http://www.spinetothedivine.com

Email: grettal@bellnet.ca

LC’s website and Wild Radiance Sisterhood (vastly upgraded version of Club LC) https://laurachristine.us

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