38: Thriving Worklife Design

Phyllis Horner is an experienced executive and career success coach who specializes intransforming Business and Personal Success in the New World of Work.

Her passion is helping talented people make the work choice that fits their whole life, and to see all the options that really exist so they can be “in the driver’s seat” of their own future.She’s believes that all people really make the best choice based on what they see before them, so she’s big on expanding what is considered vs. doing things very similarly to in the past.

Her book, Powerful Choices for Mid-Career Women, was #1 in its category on Amazon, and has helped hundreds of women to get clear and feel strong as they journey to the next work destination.

Phyllis is fun, light-hearted and fully committed to her mission though she’s earned the “worklife doctor” title.She’s also got the wisdom that comes from being an employee herself, and experiencing a lot of what she writes about.

I hope you try her generous gift of the ebook version of her bestseller by clicking the link below.




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