58: Stragetically Plan for Growth

Do you take enough time to plan? Your business and life cycle is already equipped with the perfect time to plan, and you even have a Map that tells you your most important tool to focus on when you’re in evaluation and planning stage.

This is a podcast about Cocooning: Stage 5 of the Evolution Spiral, but the first in this podcast series. I’m starting at the end because the end is the beginning.

When you’re in Cocooning Stage – when it’s time for you to come back to yourself and re-focus on what YOU really want, your Path Number in your Life Purpose Map gives you a huge clue as to what is going to help you feel most fulfilled as you step back out – when you’re ready to do so.

Cocooning is such an important Stage in our journeys, and it’s one that’s most often overlooked or ignored. I hope this gives you insight into why, “Sometimes doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do,” and what to “do” when you’re “doing nothing.”

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