63: Muscle Testing and Manifestation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been good at muscle testing. I’d say something I know is a ‘yes’ and my body would give me a hard ‘no.’ I just wasn’t letting my mind get out of my way… until Jillian swooped into my podcast and showed me some techniques that helped me muscle test with accuracy.

But that’s one small part of the podcast. We also talked about the vibration levels where sickness sets in and how to shift and raise your vibration. We talked about her healing process with its 3 parts, and the 7 pillars of manifestation.

You’ll take a lot away from this one. I did!

About my guest:

Jillian Schleger has been a healer for over 25 years and has accumulated a wealth of energy psychology modalities to clear a wide variety of challenges.

It was her time working with Behaviour Support Ontario that triggered a deep empathy for those dealing with emotional triggers as she watched the elderly struggling with the overwhelm of childhood emotional trauma.

That triggered what began as the process of writing and self-publishing her first book Kinetic Divination.

Kinetic Divination (KD) has since been used to show Solo-Bosses how emotional triggers can be released, how subconscious blocks can be eliminated and a positive mindset can bring confidence and increased self-worth!

Jillian has three self-published books and one soon to be published by Hay House.


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