The Boundless Soul 76: Learning to Speak to the Other Side with Lali

In this episode, Lali and I talked about being scared of the energies in our bedrooms when we were kids. They were probably our spirit guides! She talks about learning to recognize that she was channeling her mother after death, and later on, a pretty badass rock star after his passing.

Lali is an intuitive medium and level III Reiki practitioner & Teacher. She provides intuitive readings by channeling spirit using Oracle cards. The messages she channels are always given in a loving manner to serve your highest good. Lali can help you meet your spirit guides & guardian angel & help you develop a loving relationship with these higher beings. “When I do readings, I work with my amazing spirit team to connect with the spiritual energies that are most relevant to you and your current life situation that you need clarity with. I ask my team to bring in your spirit team, (yes, everyone has a spirit team) including your higher self to deliver information using oracle cards as well as my intuition to receive guidance and answers to your questions. All high vibrational beings only want to guide you on your path in this life and seek to only serve you for your highest good. The oracle cards are a spiritual tool to help interpret their loving guidance to you. I use a variety of different oracle cards with angelic, animal, nature and ascended master themes. Oracle cards provide divine guidance, astrological information and support on life decisions. They can be considered a modern version of tarot cards with a slight variation to allow the user more control over the process allowing the reading to be more fluid and unrestricted. When I choose a card, I use my intuition and channel my guides to identify the correct card to address your questions on finance, career, relationship, health and more. My hope is to assist you with finding your life purpose for this incarnation and find joy in the experience.”

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