The Boundless Soul 82: Unshaming Self-Pleasure and Love as Healer with Nicole Nardone

Have you found pleasure and shame to go hand-in-hand? Nicole Nardone swings open the doors to talk about how self-pleasuring is absolutely vital to our boundlessness, especially as women, for whom it is not uncommon to not have self-pleasured until their late 20’s (like me), or even NEVER. This episode is not just about sexual energy though, it’s about LIFE energy, enjoyment, integration of shadows, of really hard stuff, of sweetness, and most of all, of LOVE.

Some of the highlights for me, other than being able to be in Nicole’s presence for nearly an hour, were how she would use the sound, “Mmmm,” throughout, my favorite quote by her, “It doesn’t matter what modality you use as long as there is love,” and how she felt about Kundalini Yoga when she started practicing in college. (I share her sentiments exactly).

As Promised in the episode, you’ll find the recipe for the “Mouth Orgasm Bombs, Up-Leveled below.

About Nicole:

A truth seeker since birth, Nicole has always known there was more to life than what meets the eye. Her life has been a mostly joyful, sometimes uncomfortable, quest to quench her thirst for meaning, healing, and love. She grew up learning various alternative healing modalities and spiritual traditions as a child. She has trained under shamans, yogis, wild women, and spirits on the other side. Her journey has led her to the simple but powerful truth that love is the ultimate medicine for all that ails us. She leads retreats worldwide, coaches individually, and leads online and in person workshops. She fuses ancient wisdom and a keen understanding of what ails the modern heart, body, and soul.

Her powerful offerings have been described as “completely life changing” and “incredibly playful.” Her work is to help the world wake up to love, while having a whole lot of fun along the way… And, she’ll choose two people randomly to win a free mini-session with her, so be sure to click here and fill out the entry form!:

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Mouth Orgasm Bombs (Up-Leveled) 1 organic Medjool date, pitted and opened As much ghee (clarified butter) as your Boundless heart desires A pinch of salt (or none if your Macadamia nut as some on it, up to you) A Macadamia nut or two ~~Put as much ghee as you’d like onto the opened date. Place a mac nut or two on top. If it isn’t salted, go for it, put a pinch of salt on there! If you don’t have mac nut, you can try another kind (but really, mac nuts are the most up-leveled I’ve tasted) or go without. It’s still an orgasmic experience! PLEASE let me know how you like it! Leave a message at the link below and if you say it’s okay on there, I’ll share what you think on a future episode!

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