The Boundless Soul 91: How Instagram Hijacks Your Hormones: and How to Take the Power Back with Matthew Schulman

Has Instagram hijacked your hormones? In our high-stimulus, high-stress world, the last thing we need is a day full of distractions in the form of push notifications and comparisons.

Don’t get me wrong. I love social media. It can be such a wonderful tool for connecting Wayshowers like us. In fact, I’ve met many of my guests and friends on social media. However, where do we draw the line?

Matthew shares the impact stress, stimulation and social media has on our HPA Axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis) and why most people’s systems have been completely hijacked. He also shares how we can take the power back!

In this epside:

  • Connect the dots between Matthew’s energetic numerology to his life’s work
  • Hear his struggle growing up as a sick and sensitive kid
  • Discover the similarities between my story and his on finding our way to Ashland, Oregon. Do you have a similar story?
  • Learn about your body’s hormonal system for the stress response (the HPA Axis)
  • And how to use the breath to balance your Chi (prana, life force)
  • Learn how energy and physiology are completely interrelated
  • The meridians are in the fascia — it’s fascianating!
  • Decompressing the Vagus Nerve allows the Chi to flow, which decreases the need for too many nerve impulses
  • And hear him channel Archangel Gabriel about my lower back tightness
  • Oh right, and please, don’t take things so seriously

About My Guest:

Matthew Schulman is a master bodyworker and energyworker with 18 years of training in private apprenticeships and 13 years of full-time experience. He combines knowledge from his training in Kung Fu and Chinese Medical Theory, Anatomy & Physiology, Therapeutic Massage, and Meditation to address all of a persons needs in the healing process.

Along with his training and experience Matthew has taught massage at the Ashland Institute of Massage since 2007 and has instructed 100’s of students in Kinesiology, Therapeutic Massage, Chinese Medical Theory, Chi Gong, A&P/Pathology. He approaches each client with a balance of heart centered presence and practiced skills to help in the healing process.

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