The Boundless Soul 94: Limitless Living with Dr. Soraya Faris Applegate

Being Boundless doesn’t mean you never feel trapped. Being Boundless means you’ll always find your way back.

Soraya’s story is incredible. Beyond entertaining, it is embedded with gems of wisdom we can take with us through our days and whole lives.

A few highlights:

  • She was born poor but didn’t know it–one of the first mixed-race kids in England
  • She dated the guy because she liked him but she MARRIED him because he had a motorbike
  • Until she met Apple when they were both wearing pinstripes
  • That was after a suicide bomber destroyed her apartment in Saudi Arabia
  • She learned that anger hurts your physical body when she moved to Japan
  • And studied Kundalini yoga which brought her back to her Limitless Life

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