The Boundless Soul 96: Unlocking Success with Rob Temple: How You Can Rewire Your Brain

Hey Wayshower,

You were born into a paradigm that you’re here to shift. Your subconscious is looping all sorts of programs that aren’t congruent with your true nature and your deepest desires because of it, but I have great news!

You can change that!

Rob Temple has been hypnotizing people on stage for nearly 2 decades, and his understanding of both tricking the brain through magic shows and working with the brain in hypnosis has given him epic wisdom and knowledge on how to rewire our brains to unlock the success we seek–whatever that means to each of us.

In this episode we cover:

  • How hypnosis is a type of freedom
  • That you can in fact retrain yourself to think, do and be differently
  • How you can rewrite your brain
  • Why affirmations don’t necessarily work, but how they can
  • How to make yourself an action-taker so you prove that you can accomplish your goals
  • How to gain confidence
  • Everything in life comes down to 3 things: evidence, repetition, and increasing difficulty
  • A little bit on overthinking, awe, gratitude and self-love

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