109: Can Sea Moss Cure Mental Health Issues?

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Can Sea Moss Cure – anything? We’ll leave that up to experience. Amanda Ryan started Mermaids and Sailors Sea Moss as a side project because she discovered it and became, for lack of a better word, obsessed! It has now grown to three locations, and it continues to grow.

Listen to how this venture made a huge impact in her life after battling with bi-polar disorder for many years.

If you are struggling with any type of depression, please know we are with you, and you’re not alone. Here is one number you can call: 1-800-662-HELP (4357). It is free and confidential and the lines are open 24/7/365. You are worth it. Know that.

From My Guest, Amanda Ryan:

I identify as an empath & have recently opened up to my intuitive abilities & exploring the spiritual realms. I tend to fit the typical Aquarius M.O.: a little quirky & misunderstood but lovable nonetheless. My Moon sign is Virgo, rising Gemini; and I feel those both fit quite well.

I have been a fan of plant-based lifestyle for 3 years and love it! Around that time I discovered sea moss & slowly began to learn about it. Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to begin making it as a side hustle & now we have grown into Hawaii’s #1 source for Sea Moss products. Best of all, we are now able to teach others how to make it for themselves!

I have always thought I had psychic abilities (or something?) but only recently begun to truly recognize & embrace my uniqueness. Now that I have, it’s amazing the people who have magically entered my life & are carrying me further down this path. I believe I have gifts and a heart tailored to helping others & I am ready to figure out how/when/where/why!

Connect with Amanda:
Website for ordering Sea Moss Products: http://mermaidsandsailorsmoss.com – use code BOUNDLESS for 30% off!
Instagram: https://instagram.com/MermaidsAndSailorsMoss

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