110: A Lighted Path with Visionary Artist Shara Osgood

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Shara Osgood is a visionary artist who is bringing so much light to the world throug her art and her energy. She and I took Melanie Weller’s Biofield Flow™ Certification, and her art opened up even more during our training.

In this episode we share our insights on the World Wide Web–I think the kids are calling it “the Internet” these days.. LOL and how much connection you CAN find online.

About Shara:
I have been an artist since my first waking breath. I have always dabbled in many different creative arenas including: body painting and henna art, silversmithing, mixed media art, pottery, fiber arts. I love social engagement and have spent a lot of time in community, singing, dancing, painting and healing. This past year has been an incredible learning opportunity. The biggest learning, for me, has been how to connect deeply through virtual technology and doing remote healing. It has been a trip!

Connect with Shara:
Website: http://www.sharaosgoodart.com
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sharaosgoodart
IG: http://www.instagram.com/sharaosgoodart

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