Aloha! My name is Laura Christine, but I go by LC for fun.

The Boundless Soul is a podcast for elevating the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time. It is my deepest desire that you are uplifted and feel lighter and freer for having heard The Boundless Soul (or any of its previous names).

You’ll hear from people of vast backgrounds with one thing in common, the desire to help humanity shift from the old paradigm based on fear, greed, power over, and control to the new, “Aquarian” paradigm based on love, compassion, community, and humanity.

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual or self-discovery path for a long time, or you’re just starting out, my guests and I are incredibly relatable and give simple yet profound, practical wisdom for reducing stress, anxiety, uncenteredness, and fear, and increasing motivation, groundedness, intuition, and confidence.

We are all transforming. This is the podcast to hear if you’re looking for a guide in helping you follow the voice of your own soul. In the past, this voice has been shut out and turned WAY down for the vast majority of people. Now, it’s time to tune our personal radio dials right in – and hear the music and guidance of our own Boundless Souls.

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